Backup Selection & Automation

Without breaking the bank

Most companies and personal computer users completely under estimate the need for good reliable backups. I have seen disasters, which have caused unnecessary loss of files at great expense to businesses and could even mean the loss of your business!

I believe that unless a backup is automated, you won't have effective backups that you can use for recovery purposes.

There are backup solutions available, which are easy to maintain and won’t break the bank of the home or small office.

We apply Industry best practice 3-2-1 backup strategy where appropriate:

  • Have at least three copies of your data
  • Store the copies on two different media
  • Keep one backup copy offsite

Backup strategies include:

  • Syncing between two QNAP's located on different sites
  • QNAP snapshots
  • Backup using cloud services
  • USB Drives
  • Syncing folders & files on desktop to the cloud or office servers

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