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Without breaking the bank

I have seen many small businesses pay a lot of money for a website that is designed without consideration of who can manage and support the website.  They become disillusioned or the company that created the site no longer exists and then they are faced with paying someone else to create a new website for them.  Don't get caught - use products and services that are available and used extensively world wide.

I use Joomla, which is an open source Content Management System (CMS) and responsive templates from Yoo Theme to create websites for customers.  Joomla is used extensively in the creation of websites throughout the world by large and small organisations, club and individuals.

Using Yoo Theme's responsive templates means that your website can be easily viewed on a smartphone, tablet, iPad, Mac, PC and other devices.

By combining Yoo Theme Templates with Joomla, we keep the website costs down.  We also give the customer the ability to update the website pages themselves reducing on-going maintenance costs if they wish to do so.  Full training is provided.

Recent websites I have created using responsive templates for you to check out:

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