PC Security

In today's world office technology has allowed staff to become highly mobile and to bring their own devices (BYOD) to the office.  It is really important that you secure these devices correctly to prevent loss of critical data and ensure data privacy.

We use a number of business tools to achieve your desired security which include:

  • Hard Disk Encryption - we use Bitlocker managed by Sophos
  • Endpoint Protection - for malware, virus and ransomware protection.  There are many solutions out there.  We have implemented, McAfee, Norton and Sophos solutions for our customers.
  • Password Management - we read more and more about sites being comprised and passwords exposed.  It is important that you have different passwords accross each of the website and systems you have accounts on to protect your environment.  There is a wide variety of password management tools that provide these services.
  • Data Backup - you need to make sure that data being stored on these devices are securely backed up.

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